BlackBerry OS 5.0 Update

You can download OS for the BlackBerry Bold from http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9R39RB81. Looks like RIM has started ironing out a lot of the glitches that where included in the early OS 5.0 releases, very pleased with this release.

SQL - Update a table from another table

Just a quick blog mainly for my purposes, if you need to run a SQL update on a table and use another table for reference information e.g. updating prices for 2010 products e.t.c. then you can use the code below.

UPDATE destination_tbl
SET destination_column = (SELECT source_tbl.source_column
FROM source_tbl
WHERE source_tbl.criteria = destination_tbl.criteria)
(SELECT source_tbl.source_column
FROM source_tbl
WHERE source_tbl.criteria = destination_tbl.criteria)


Fuck you I won't do what you tell me

I am pleased that RATM made it to the Christmas number 1 spot, overall I think this has done little to dent Joe’s pop career. I spent 65p on the single and I fully understand that and see the duality in buying a single with the lyrics “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me” when I clearly have done just that. I bought the single as a protest and to highlight the current problems that the music industry is going through. I am still annoyed that RATM single has been given hardly any radio play time that seems hardly fair in its self. For me it just sums up how fucking dumb the British public really are, especially with comments like “Joe worked his ass off”, and “I hope those 4 dildo’s don’t win”. Firstly Joe won a “talent show” contest that lasted how long? Off hand I’d say 10 weeks. So singing and prancing around for 10 weeks is now working your arse off?

The second comment came from the Five Live comments board after RATM swore 5 times during a live radio session. The word “Fuck” is just that... a word and last time I checked “words” that right there “word” cannot hurt you, I was recently in Berlin where the broadcasting censorship (for profanity anyway) seems to be a lot less. Maybe I’m a liberal at heart, but free speech is an ideology that I hold close to my heart and it is one of the few things I can say with a passion that I would fight to the end for.

TTFE-L Review

Another fantastic result for TTFE this Sunday, beating promotion chasing Real Buffalo 5-4. The performance in my opinion wasn’t as good as other weeks and it was a game that we looked determined to throw away, the final whistle couldn’t have come any sooner. Had the other team turned up on time perhaps the outcome would have been different the problem with that statement is we’ll never know and at 4-0 up before they had their full 5 players we sat back and allowed them time to play football.

I can see why some people get disgruntled playing for TTFE as everyone has slightly different goals and playing mentality, for me a 1-0 win is equally as good and satisfying as 7-1 result. When sitting on a 4 goal lead I don’t see the need to force anything take what is presented to you and kill the game. Real Buffalo are a good side but we dealt with them very well, only 1 player caused us any real problems and a lot of the time I think we were able to double up on him, they seemed a different team to when I played them last, whether I had adapted to Gol and a much more physical style of play I don’t know but Real Buffalo looked very light weight and were pushed off the ball very easily.

Those 6 points have really turned our season around, truth be told it’s 6 points I personally didn’t expect us to get but we cannot let up now, while I cannot see us beating top of the league I’d like to stay positive, last time around we had a very weakened team with no substitutes, we must not lose to the bottom 2 sides and hopefully we can take some points of the new team ‘NOMADS’.