Easyjet HELP!

So I’ve been watching Easyjet.com daily now to see when the dates for July 2010 become available so that we can book the flights for my stag do (code named Stag Do 2010 – because there will be only 1 stag do in 2010 worthy of mentioning)
Anyway within the last few days the dates have become available in their drop down calendar however every time I select them I get an error. Being in work (and having time on my hands) I decided to look for some kind of help on the Easy Jet website (if you’ve ever done this you’ll know how frustrating their website is, it is one of those typical new millennium websites where by providing contact details to speak to a real human is a crime!) but alas I FOUND IT!


That’s the link to a Q&A database, if you can’t find your answer on that page use the following page which will allow you to talk to a live operator


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