Give Royal Mail the finger V's

Just a heads up for anyone who needs to send a parcel in the next few weeks. As you may be aware those arse holes at Royal Mail are striking again (I really dislike Royal Mail, it’s overpriced and slow there’s also the added bonus that most of their workers get really shirty with you when they lose your shit “It’s not my problem!” – fuck you!

In case you didn’t know signed for / recorded delivery doesn’t actually track your delivery it merely tells you whether it go to the delivery address!

Go to http://www.pharosparcel.com/Home/ I came across this courier a few months ago, not exactly sure what the deal is but a brown UPS van came to pick up my parcel and as a result I also got a UPS tracking number. Simply enter your details, the parcel details, any optional insurance and the recipient address and it will provide a price for you. The price is actually half of what you would pay if you went direct to either UPS or Royal Mail.

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