I could have made that!

Another Sunday and another though Raven’s loss, at least we are heading into a bye week which should give us time to readjust our focus. It’s hard NOT to blame the kicker for missing from 40 yards but talk of “Stover would have made that” is nonsense, last season Matt Stover attempted 10 field goals (from 40+ yards) of which he made 5 (that’s far from “AutoMATTic”) from 20-39 there’s no better kicker I agree.

I don’t like facing a loss, but that second half come back is by far the best half of football I’ve seen the Raven’s play this season (that includes all games we’ve won [which personally I think we’ve looked very poor in])

Coverage and tackling both need to be addressed, far too many times have Raven’s players gone for the “money shot” and missed, turning what would have been a no gain or moderate gain in to a big play, sadly this has ALWAYS been a problem with Raven’s special teams and defence, hopefully Harbaugh can address this.

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