Monday = Sad Face, Half Day Monday = Happy Face

Does anyone actually like or look forward to Monday mornings? Luckily I am on a half day today so hopefully I can get my hair cut and get the shopping done, which should free up some time to head down the gym.

My legs have recovered from the 2.30 hours of football on Thursday (which was topped up with a 4 hour 6 mile+ Mountain trek – check Face book for Pictures) It was an excellent walk and we could see right across the channel to Bristol.

We are starting to make progress on the Kitchen, the new floor tiles have been put down (aprox 85% floor coverage, only under the old units to go) Laura has started cleaning out some of the cupboards so I can take them apart and move the fridge and washing machine; once the plumbing and electric have been done we should be able to move pretty quickly with the rest of the units.

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