Part 2 - Time and Attendance

This is the second part of a series of blogs which covers the Time and Attendance (TaA) system I have been writing for work.

The screen shot embedded in this blog is from the setting screen which administrators have access to (first time installations also get prompted to enter these details) The first four fields are all about SQL Server authentication, I included a ‘Test Connection’ button just to verify the details before they are saved (just for reference the function behind this button is also called when the ‘Save’ button is clicked)

The rest of the fields on this screen dictate how the application will look and perform.

Show Name’s First: Dictates how information is presented in drop down lists the default option for this is No, as we normally prefer to see employee department number and ID first then their name e.g. 000 - 99999 – Dummy User, however an operator may prefer to see the department number first and then the employees name 000 – Dummy User – 99999

Authenticate Against AD: If you are running TaA in an active directory environment (which we are) then you can allow the operator to use the same username and password that they use to logon to their workstation / email, otherwise you will need to create a new user under the users table on SQL.

Work Saturday’s / Sunday’s: We do not work weekends, but I decided to build in the flexibility if we ever decided to. When this option is set to No it prevents the operator from entering any values for Saturdays and Sundays (it also blocks Public holidays that fall on a weekend)

Years after 2007: Every time I review this setting I think to myself ‘There must be a better way’ however I just can’t find it. This box simply determines how many years to show in a combo box. Now the simplest solution would be to populate the combo box with 1000 or so years, I doubt very much that the TaA application will still be in use but to be on the safe side I wanted the operator to be in control of that.

Full / Half Day Value: We work on an 8 hour full day system so we enter 8 and 4, I think this is pretty self explanatory.

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