PC Woes

I’ve had a busy few days, we are right in the middle of our budget period which means we have most of the regional sales offices visiting the UK to present their budgets to our US owners (which in turns means I have about 20 or 30 additional users to support) It’s not a real problem and so far things have gone smoothly.

My home PC is offline at the moment, I finally managed to get my hands on a 9800GX2 (That’s a graphics card for those of you who don’t speak geek) Every now and then a piece of a hardware comes out and I say “I want one” but it’s cost new was £500, now just over a year old I’ve bagged myself one for £150 (there probably are better cards on the market, but this is something I’ve wanted since day one) I would love to get another card and set them up in SLI. Anyway the card doesn’t fit in my existing case which means I’ve had to purchase a new case which has given me the hassle of transferring everything from my old case to the new one, only to find out that now my PSU is not powerful enough to run my new graphics card so I’ve had to purchase a bigger PSU (which is now on order) – argh!

I’m working on some documentation for the Time and Attendance system, I’ll be sure to throw some screen shots of it up as I progress.

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