Raven's bleh!

I am still a little bitter about the Raven’s losing, what makes it worse is that I couldn’t fully enjoy the game. Due to my lack of vocabulary I find it difficult to fully express my feelings while watching sport ;) so I tend to swear at the screen... a lot! The last two Raven’s games where shown on Sky Sports (something I currently don’t have. I really can’t justify the cost of £15 per month, seen as I don’t watch a whole lot of TV and I don’t think Laura would appreciate me hogging the TV to watch random sports / teams) So I went across to my parents to watch, they have no interest in American Football (apart from the fact that I follow it) so for two weeks running I’ve had:

“How can they tackle people without the ball?”

“That’s not tackling mom, that’s called blocking”

It’s all good fun really though it does raise an eyebrow when my farther of all people (someone with a degree in Chemistry and a strong mathematical background asks:

“How many quarters do they play?”

Haha, in fairness he did realise his mistake after he’d said it.

I’ve not had a successful backup since 16-09-09, which quite frankly leaves a brown stain in my pants every time I think about it. I've been having all kinds of problems, looks like I may have solved the issue today so I’m rerunning last nights backup. As a side project to all of this I’m going to take a full system backup to an external drive and then as a “disaster recovery” exercise I’ll restore it a VM Server I have up and running.

It gives me good peace of mind to know we are making backups, but I want to cover my ass by knowing that the backups we make actually work.

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