Remote Support with OneClickVNC

For some reason MSN’s “Request remote assistance” has stopped working. It’s a useful tool that I’ve used a few times to provide remote support to friends who are in need of some IT help.

I had to help Dale setup some Folder shares (he has a spanking new laptop, lucky devil) with MSN not wanting to play ball I had to clobber together an Open VNC solution.

You can download the client software from here


There are two files in the remotesupport.zip file, one is the ‘OneClickVNC.exe’ client, the other is ‘Settings.ini’ which contains a an IP address or a FQDN (as my home broadband currently has a dynamic IP, I setup a sub domain [remotesupport.atp-software.com] which gets forwarded on via ZoneEdit.com DynDNS service to my router, which in turn forwards on port 5000 to my VNC listening server) Once you have the port forwarding setup and VNC installed as a listening server it works pretty seamlessly .

Dale seems pretty happy with his file shares =]


  1. Nice,

    Can i see your codings?

    This might be useful to me also!

  2. I didn't code this. Got it from UltraVNC (http://forum.ultravnc.info/viewtopic.php?p=35885) Via Hak5.org (http://wiki.hak5.org/wiki/Episode_3x05)