SevenF 7-0 TTFE

The result is disappointing, I honestly do not like losing (even when it’s a ‘friendly’) The score line is probably fair with Weller having to make a number of outstanding saves, we have a few chances to bag ourselves a goal but could convert any of them, our midfield was largely infective and we where easily overrun leaving one or two man overlaps on a lot of SevenF’s attacks.

I am knackered after playing 2.30 hours of football in one night (was probably a little less given the current TTFE punctuality issue; which has been addressed on the TTFE forums)

So well done to SevenF for taking a 2 game lead over TTFE, the better team won on the night, and well done to TTFE 7 goals conceded in a great improvement on 12 :P

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