When it comes to virtualization I am a novice at best. At home I am biding my time before I buy a new “home server” with the intention to run Citrix XenServer. The software to do this is free however, the hardware will set me back around £500 (not a huge amount considering the specification and what servers CAN cost) but still it’s a significant enough figure to make me think twice about spending the cash. It’s a real shame that my HP DL140's Dual Xeon processors are a generation or two behind what is required to run hardware virtualisation, the server itself didn’t set me back a huge amount, if I remember correctly it came from eBay and was under the £200 mark.

I have become conscious of the amount of power the thing must be sipping on and I can now replace it with a more powerful, quieter and cheaper to run system. Those three reasons alone make sense to replace it and the fact that most (if not all) of the new AMD processors will support hardware virtualization means it’s a dead cert to get replaced at some point (I’m afraid my trusty DL140 your days are numbered)

This will be the third (not counting the other random Linux boxes I’ve played with) server I’ve had. I started off with a Compaq ML530 it only cost me around £150 and for that I got a whole lot of server, but it was so noisy that it was eventually replaced with the DL140. The DL140 is noisy, but not to the same level as the ML530.

Once I have my XenServer I’ll post some pictures of it up and running (along with my older servers, I’ll need the pictures for eBay I guess)

In the meantime I wanted to post some information on the Sun VirtualBox that I am running at work. I’ve dabbled with VM Ware before and I am not a big fan of the current web interface (I can see the benefit of it but I personally just don’t like it)

Sun VirtualBox comes with all the usual tools and function you would expect to find on a virtualization server, and so far I have found it extremely easy to get VM’s up and running in it (I’ll post some technical articles at a later date) The setup wizard makes it very easy (much easier that other VM Servers I’ve seen or used)

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