Bastard in the Black

So I got a call up to the TTFE-L squad last night; Because of my inflexible Sunday schedule (Raven’s have mainly early kick offs) and TTFE-L now having 8 regulars (only deciding to play with a match day squad of 7) I require the planets and the moon to align on a Sunday in order for me to play; luckily (or unluckily depending on how you think I preformed yesterday) I got a game. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get the shirts back from the printers in time (would have been a real thrill to be part of the team that wore them first) but that’s the way things go.

It was a game we really should have won, Huckle and Dale would have been through on goal three times had the surface and ball not been so slick (you could criticize them both for not bringing the ball under control, but it is a difficult skill and one that I have not mastered so I am in no position to call either of them out)

A couple of people want to blame the referee for our loss which I am finding hard to understand, by the letter of the law Billy was in the area when the ball hit him, it was a really frustrating penalty to concede as Billy and one of their players had been wrestling for position and momentum had taken him inside. One or two of our players are guilty of switching off for the other dubious goal, the ball was in the area but since I was a child I have always been taught to play to the whistle. If blaming the referee helps people get over a narrow loss then fine use that excuse, but I think there was a lot left on the pitch. 5 more minutes and I think we could have won that game, their heads had seriously dropped during our come back.

Despite the loss I found the game very enjoyable, no I don't enjoy losing but given the situation of limited appearances I try to relish every opportunity I have. I am pleased with the increased physicality that I am bringing to my games, I am still hesitating in showing the ferocity that people like Pete do in the tackle but I feel this is mainly me trying to cover myself in case people have quick feet, it’s something I can work on perhaps on Thursdays however I am unsure of how it will go down with the current crop of 'cotton wool' players.

In related news I decided last night that I need to replace my Aircast A60 Ankle Braces, after almost 3 years of weekly use they are smelling and have become very tatty, I won’t throw them out they’ll be a useful backup. I am undecided whether to directly replace them with another pair of A60’s or to replace them with a pair of AirCast AirSport’s which are said to offer slightly better protection. A few months ago I did try the Donjoy Drytex Rocketsoc however I didn’t feel it offered the same level of protection as the Aircast and the overall comfort and feel wasn’t good (from the reviews I read the Rocketsoc product line is used by a lot of American Football players, so it must be a decent product)

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