Build up to “Ravens Night I” - Part 1

Sunday was another tough lost for myself and Ravens fans. It’s a game ultimately that we should have won and I’m wondering if my earlier Matt Stover related blog is coming back to haunt me? We should be sat at 7-3 and feeling very smug about our position, however at 5-5 I still think we can battle it out with Pittsburgh and claim second spot in the AFC North and also a Wildcard berth.

Sunday night (up coming) has been designated as “Ravens Night I” and I have a few friends coming round to share a few beers and watch the game. I’m hoping it is something that will catch on though I don’t see “49ers Night” being anywhere nearly as good.

I have Thursday morning off work (I may ask to extend this to all day, work is really taking its toll on me at the moment... I can only take so many stupid questions in a year and that quota got filled in January) The original reason I had Thursday morning off was because of the Oceansize gig in Barfly on Wednesday (which has now actually been postponed) It was sold out by the time I came to buy tickets so I’m actually rather pleased about the situation and I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to book tickets for the alternative date. So rather than lying in bed battling with a mini hang over I have booked the dog in to get bathed and trimmed. Pet Wise based in Treforest Industrial Estate have a fantastic introductory offer running at the moment (it has been running for 3 months but I’m not complaining) they will bath, trim and clip nails of any “small” breed for £10, I have a beautiful Border Collie and she falls under this offer (just to give you a size guideline).

So Maddy will smell very nice when she decides to face rape my guests - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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