Build up to “Ravens Night I” - Part 2

Maddy got her bath yesterday and is smelling and looking fab, it's a horrible thing to say but she is so much better when she is clean. She reminds me so much of her puppy days when she is bright white and really fluffy. She's got her next appointment on Christmas Eve (before anyone says or thinks anything this will be only the 4th time this year she's had a bath and only the 3rd time she's been to the groomer. At £10 I prefer to let someone else groom her as she's a real handful when it comes to being bathed)

I'm heading down to Costco for the first time tonight to pick up some beer and nibbles for Ravens night. My current thinking is Miller MGD and Michelob Ultra (I know they are far from being the worlds finest beers but they go down real easy).

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