The Butterfly Effect

My mind has been everywhere recently I have so much going on at the moment. At home / work I’ve been looking for a PXE booting solution, I’ve tried a couple but so far I’ve not found something that does exactly what I want,currently I’m looking at doing something with Windows Deployment Services however I’m banging my head against a brick wall trying to get Windows XP as an installable option I have been looking at FOG (Free Online Ghosting) which seems like a really neat product however I do not think it works from a ground zero scenario (which I am in) this could be something I’ll look to use for work purposes.

On Saturday I went to see The Butterfly Effect play at Barfly. The crowd was a little disappointing and the band wasn’t all that great, normally I come away from gigs realising just how great a band sounds live, this time so so. Imago as an album has some superb songs on it. For some reason whenever I go to Barfly I expect the bar prices to be ridiculous however a pint of Gaymers Pear Cider was only £2.60. On a side note I’ve noticed that Pear Cider (despite being a rather girly drink) gets me absolutely mashed. Now 6 good pints of anything will get me very drunk, but Pear Cider just takes me to another level, the only other alcoholic beverage I’ve found that has a similar effect is Newcastle Brown Ale which has gotten me so drunk on times that I don’t even recognize my own girlfriend... NICE!

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