Sigh, so I haven’t blogged in a little while so I guess I’ll fill you in on what’s been happening in my life. Last week I documented my PC problem, well it looks like I have managed to resolve the problem on my own. I removed the card, re-seated it and it started working properly straight off the bat, hopefully I can start doing some serious gaming to make up for lost time. Work has been really hectic and I haven’t had the usual luxury of breathing space with my work load. The big bosses from the US have gone home but now I’m knee deep cleaning up the fallout of their well informed decisions. Hopefully I should have the reports their after finished by the end of the week and to be fair my boss is doing the bulk of them by hand (I resist doing things I fail to see the point of, in this case why do we need the budget reports in base currency, euro, sterling and dollar?)

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