Gym observations

I had this morning off work as I stayed up late to watch the Ravens v Browns game (hummm) I managed to drag myself out of bed by 10 and got down the gym by 11. I’ve only been down the gym a handful of times in the day time but there are an awful lot of old people down there. There was a really skinny old guy who was going nuts on the chest press (he was chest pressing more than I can, but that’s not saying a lot) but his breathing technique and everything was all to hell, it looked like he was literally having a spasm, it really ground on me after a while that constant ‘clinck clinck’ the weights make when they collide with each other.

Another thing that I find really bizarre; the gym has approximately 18 cross trainers arranged across 3 rows with 8 in the first, 6 in the second and 4 in the last. Why is it that with 17 machines to chose from someone always decides to take one of the machines next to me? I suppose these are the same people who must sit directly next to you in the cinema.

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