I paid for it so I have a right to moan

I’m full of gripes at the moment, I went for a meal with my parents to celebrate Laura’s birthday, I told her to pick somewhere nice (and suggested Porto’s on St Marys Street having heard good things from others). Firstly my parents put a little dampener on the night by squabbling (this is normal for my parents, however I was expecting them to be civil for Laura’s sake)

I had the 16oz T-Bone steak which was ok, nothing to write home about, at £16.95 it was about the right price for a restaurant steak. I was a little let down by large parts of it being over cooked, the selection of vegetables that came with it where severely lacking. Laura had some steak in mushroom sauce, which looked ok, my mother had some sort of chicken dish and my farther had chicken and beef espetadas. Laura was the only person who had a starter and she had muscles in a tomato based sauce at £6.95 I though it was expensive but it was by far the best dish we had that even.

We called into town early as our table wasn’t booked until 8PM. If you get the chance pop into the Price of Wales, they have a real ale festival on at the moment and have 8 ales on tap. I managed to sample 3 of the ales in total (1 Pint + 2 Halves) they where all pretty good something “Owl” was a little dark for my liking.

In other news I bought F.E.A.R 2 last Friday (mainly based on the strengths of the first F.E.A.R game) I’ll be honest I’m hugely disappointed with the game, I did read one or two online reviews, but I tend to like to make my own mind up and as I said I based my buying decision from owning the first game.

For me the original F.E.A.R was a very gimmicky FPS, but it worked and was a joy to play. F.E.A.R 2 is very much the same, but it feels like a poor mans Half Life and after 5 days (probably less than 10 hours) of gaming I completed it, toward the end of the game I had gotten very tired of the repetitive nature of the game killing the same “cloned” solider over and over game only made me angry with the amount of bullets I was having to spend... trying to save them for any kind of level boss... which never came. I played on the medium difficulty right the way through and I died maybe a total of 5 times (I’m not bragging because I suspect people did it in a lot less) some of those deaths where probably caused by my rouge grenade throwing skills.

I’m looking at Fallout 3 next but am being turned away by its commercial success. Fallout (the series) was something I played throughout high school (before the days of online gaming) and Fallout 2 especially felt like something special that me and a group of 2 or 3 friends shared, it felt special. I don’t know if I am going to get that same warm fuzzy feeling from playing Fallout 3? At the very least it will hopefully provide more than 5 days worth of game play.

XenServer installation is going well. It didn’t power on straight away but I quickly diagnosed the problem as “not plugged in”. Once I had over come this hurdle it booted first time (which is always pleasant).

My only gripe about this is the level of service I’ve gotten so far from NovaTech (a company you may heard of or seen your self?) They are basically a much small PC world, and for me they are filling the gap that Opal Computers has left (since they moved). NovaTech’s prices are competitive with the only retailers (they are a few pound more expensive, but you can argue you claim this back by being able to collect – which is a huge plus anyway) If it was for the convenience of being able to collect I probably wouldn’t use them again, the sales guys seem pretty smug and “up them selves” which I’ve noticed is a pretty common thing for people who work in “PC Warehouse” type places, if you don’t take their advice they get really offended – seriously “Do you know what a XenServer is? No? So how are you able to recommend a £120 graphics card for something that once it’s been setup could run headless” ... sadly I didn’t have this conversation, but did insist that they give me the £20 graphics card I’d seen online, after being offered something ridiculous and then repeatedly offered a card for £27 because supposedly its “better for gaming” (see above)

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