MRGRIM and the Christmas Rescue

So work this week has been ultra crap, I’ve spent the majority of it not doing work, well by that I mean not doing “IT” work. I’ve been swamped with financial reports (see my last blog). Next week will hopefully be a lot more quiet for me.
Had some very good news yesterday, Easy Jet have now released their summer schedule for 2010, so I will be booking the stag do this weekend, it really does feel like an evil plan is coming together and I am now really looking forward to it.
I am quite annoyed with management in work at the moment, every year they decide that we are not going to have a Christmas party and then at the last moment decide to actually try and organise one, so this year they’ve picked the 11th December which now clashes with the TTFE meal, well FUCK YOU ********! I will be writing a strongly worded letter to the HR manager as this kind of slap dash organisation really grinds my gears, I am annoyed that I cannot attend but more annoyed by the fact its always done half hearted.
I don’t have any kids (and none are in the pipeline, though I do have sperm but I don’t really want to talk about my pipeline nor my sperm) but I found this amazing gift for anyone who has or knows a young child. http://www.egmont.co.uk/product.asp?prodid=2122&catid= I used to be a real big Thomas fan when I was younger and this would have really made Christmas special. It’s basically a book that is custom printed on a per order basis. When you come to order you enter the Childs name and also customise their appearance (it is a fairly limited selection of visual styles) and you also enter the name of a Childs friend then through the storyline the Childs name gets printed (ok it’s hardly ground breaking, but I’ve not seen it done before)
In case you don’t have any children you could always get the excellent “MRGRIM and the Christmas Rescure” which is a real thriller.

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