Ngata I missed you!

Urgh! So that was a real ugly Raven’s loss. I’d really like to know who played that First Quarter vs. the Bengals, because if you’d have told me it was the same Ravens group that dominated Denver last week, I’d have called you a liar. It is becoming hard to defend Hauschka with his second missed field goal of the season, I wouldn’t pin the loss on him but who knows what would have happened if we’d made that field goal? On the next drive the Bengals went 3 and out, opting to punt it away on a 4th and 1, an optimist might say they’d go for it and get stopped, setting us up in good field position, however anyone who’d watched the game would be able to tell you that the Ravens D line was pretty well man handled all day, Ngata was severely missed.

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