Ok WDS you win

WDS Server is giving me a real headache at the moment, it’s rare for me to publically criticize Microsoft but I’m having one of those moments “Fuck you Microsoft” it’s annoy the heck out of me I mean I’ve got it working it’s running great (I spent all weekend fighting it) and then last night I finally got a Windows XP image captured and uploaded, being very naive (and late at night) I instantly fired up my laptop and attempted to “install” the newly created image only to be confronted with a blue screen of death (which I totally understand).

So I’m now hunting around for a way or a hack that will allow me to PXE boot and apply purely Windows XP installation files (rather than a whole installed system) if that fails then I’ll need to go back and look at other PXE booting solutions (argh!) I may spend some time looking at Acronis products as I know they make a “Universal restore” which allows you to apply images to different hardware, perhaps I can mix and match Acronis and WDS to provide a solution.

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