Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up
BlackBerry OS 5.0
Once the bugs have been ironed out this will be stellar.

BBC Radio 5 Live (5 live Drive)
Does what it says on the tin.

Thumbs down.
BBC Radio 1 (Chris Moyles show)
I flick between shows on my journey to work, and have reccently found the Chris Moyles show lacking in any real content, songs are now few and far between and seem to have been replaced with dribble.

BBC Radio Wales (Good Evening Wales)
I like to catch up with the days events but have found Radio Wales really lacking. Anytime they bring up an interesting discussion or debate they quickly turn down the heat and skim onto the next article. Take Joe Newbury’s reccent appearace on the show where he was debating the use of plastic bags; they could have spent a lot more time on the issue rarther than simply flirting with it.

TTFE Community
How many times must I ask people to post something as simple as a menu choice? Organising things for TTFE is really frustrating, people not responding or actioning requests makes it even more difficult. We have 3 weeks from today to hand in our final order.

Last few weeks have been very poor.

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