Why does it always rain on me?

I don’t remember lying when I was 17, but that’s not to say I didn’t. I’m having a slightly stressful week at the moment (and it’s only Tuesday morning). Coming off a terrible weekend of sporting results (Owls lost, Ravens lost and Wales lost) is never a good way to start the week, however my home server has now sadly passed away. I think it’s something I could fix (and more than likely fix cheaply) but I just don’t know, unfortunately I didn’t ‘buy big’ when I bough my home server so the diagnostics that come with it are very limited, by limited it has a single red warning light that means ‘You have a problem with... Processor, memory, hard drive, motherboard, memory, power supply or system fans’ I honestly I think I may have know I had a problem when the system would POST, but thanks very much HP for putting that intuitive little right light there. I guess people are sat there reading this (or not given my viewing figures) feeling rather smug that they spent a little more and bought some reliable hardware, all I can say is ‘I tip my hat to you’

Personally I feel that it’s either a system fan that has died (the system has no redundancy – come on! it’s an entry level application server that cost me £150) It’s a part that I could replace for around £20, I can buy a replacement server second hand for £99 which would cover all my bases, the problem is that I had ear marked the server for replacement (documented in previous blogs) so do I really want to lay out money trying to replace parts (in the hope that I have successfully diagnosed the problem) or buy a new server just for a few weeks / months of usage. The only benefit I can see in repairing / direct replacing the server is that it makes data recovery much easier.

With all those thoughts in mind I’ve made the decision to dive straight in the depend and get to grips with XenServer. Having tried installing XenServer on a older system in work (and failed) I’ve put my mind at rest by finding the following blog by Trond Eirik Haavarstein. (Trond is running a XenServer on the same motherboard that I’ve ordered, so in theory it should install smoothly)

Phew! So that’s my computer problems dealt with for the moment. I’ve got some updates about my Stag Do but I’ll keep those for another day.

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