I’ve had a couple of comments that I’ve fallen behind with my blog, well actually I’d like to refer everyone back to the very first blog I posted where I believe I said this wouldn’t be a daily or weekly kind of blog. I think people have been rather spoilt with the daily blogs I’ve provided. However I have some news to post and hopefully it will keep the more “nosey” readers happy (pun totally intended)

My home system has been playing up again, it would randomly crash most frequently while under stress (gaming) which is surprisingly annoying, I messed about with system fans but still could not resolve the issue. Luckily ASUS provide a piece of software for monitoring graphic card fan speeds and temperatures, at its peak even with the side of my PC off and all fans set to 100% my 9800GX2 clocked 122 Degrees Celsius (that’s quite intense in case you are wondering) From reading a little around the card online anywhere between 60 and 100 degrees is normal (the software does start to give warnings at 101 degrees)

So no wonder my system was struggling. I have resolved the situation and am extremely pleased, by simply removing the casing from the graphics card I have dropped the temperature (while under stress) to a manageable 70 degrees, that’s quite a drop!

The TTFE trophies have been completed and overall I am quite pleased with them; I am a little disappointed there aren’t more of them but that’s the way things go, perhaps next year people may be a little more interested in attending our annual event, my thoughts? “Fuck ‘em!”

Work has truly been a mess today problems with Exchange 2003 (serious problems) and also problems with one of our European factories (Firewall died so no email or internet) truly one headache after the next.

I’ve started a new non-commercial project at home which may interest some of you, check out http://www.myaudiodirect.com this is the second version of the site I’ve created, the first version was a little more crude but got the job done. Originally it was designed to allow me to control what was going to be streamed to my Phillips stereo (all it did was update a playlist that the stereo was set to play) however I later updated and added a flash control to actually allow me to stream my music remotely. At this point I am well aware of products such as Orb and Winamp Remote, but I’m not a big fan of the interface plus its always nicer to do it yourself. Before you get your hopes up, the final version will be locked down and restricted via a username and password not only is it a legal minefield but my internet simply would not support a bunch of users streaming music, if its something you want to play with I’ll be making the source code available for download. At the moment there are only 4 or 5 albums online in a test directory (just albums picked at random from my collection)
MyAudioDirect was only really started yesterday so its far from complete, I’ll post some more updates on it as and when they happen.

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