Part 2 - VirtualBox (Increase Virtual Disk Size)

I haven’t talked about VirtualBox for some time now and that’s probably because it has become an every day tool that I use in work. It is so handy having several ‘spare systems’ that I can mess about with hassle free.

I recently had to resize a virtual disk within VirtualBox, I had a quick look on Google but couldn’t find any articles that I could be bothered reading (lazy I know, but I am in a mood where I want everything on a plate) So what I ended up doing is adding a secondary (larger) virtual disk to the virtual machine and then I simply imaged the existing disk to the new one, job done in under 10 minutes.

1. From VirtualBox click ‘File’ and then ‘Virtual media Manager’

2. Click ‘New’

3. Enter your disk parameters.

4. Click ‘Ok’ to all open windows.

5. Select the VM you want to increase the disk size of and click ‘Settings’

6. Click ‘Hard Disks’

7. Under ‘Attachments’ click ‘Add Attachments’ and then select the disk you made above (points 1-3)

8. Start your VM and press ‘F12’ to specify custom boot options.

9. Press ‘C’ to boot from ‘c) CD-ROM’

10. Follow on screen procedures to clone your disk

For cloning I used ‘Acronis True Image Enterprise Server 8.1.945’ off of ‘Hiren’s All in 1 Boot CD 10.0

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