Review "Ravens Night I"

So I’m still recovering from “Ravens Night I” despite what Pete thinks or says I was in fact the only person to stay awake throughout the game, 2 cups of rocket fuel did help. I’m still unsure why I had another beer after my coffee, Pete did also question this and all I can offer is “I rock!”

At 1AM an hour after Dominos closes I was cursing the decision not to order Pizza, Dale was quite contempt (as was Pete who had helped himself) to tuck into his numerous bags of “Kettle” Crisps. Dale insist that they are “Kettle” Crisps despite the fact they clearly said “Spar” on the side of the bag.

The first half flew by and before we knew it the second half was kicking off and it seemed to drag on forever, and I think I speak for everyone when I say how happy we were to see the game go to overtime, what more could we possibly ask for than 15 more minutes of sleep deprivation?

Long story short the Ravens kicked the winning field goal. Steelers fans are bemoaning the officiating, with tinted Ravens glasses on I just don’t see it, with tinted glasses off... I still don’t see it.

Overall I think “Ravens Night” was a success, it would be nice to see a few more faces at the next night and more beer. I am happy to report that we managed to come within 2 bottles of finishing a whole case, I dropped the ball a little by mid-drinking switching to another brand of beer for a cheeky bottle, otherwise we would have come within 1 bottle of a mammoth task.

Hopefully people reading this will take some interest in American Football and hopefully inquire about the status of the next night.

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