TTFE-L Review

You may think that today’s “Word of the day” is “Review” however it is not, I simply could not think of any attention grabbing blog titles so TTFE-L Review will suffice.

A win is always nice and I’ll reiterate that I’m very happy to simply be playing away from the regular TTFE crowd at the moment, I also feel like I am establishing myself a competent defender for TTFE-L and that I am pretty interchangeable with any of the back two the team decides to field.

Now I’ll admit I probably do offer a little less going forward than some of the other players, this will be something I find very difficult to work on, however I don’t really see it as a major problem as someone will always need to play anchor for the team and hang back. Joe I must say is playing better with every game, he does make me nervous with his tracking back but is displaying an eagerness to get forward. At the moment in my opinion he offers the most out of any of our defenders going forward the man simply knows how to play 5-a-side football effectively and he is regularly causing the opposition problems with his forward runs if he has a little more confidence in front of goal he could be stellar.

After comfortably beating Grange Punishers 5-3 (a score line which doesn’t really do TTFE-L any justice) I am bemoaning the loss to them 3-2 first time round. With a total lack of team work and no permanent keeper I issue a serious rallying cry to all TTFE-L players, this is a team we can seriously overtake in the league, a win against US Kettles is a must.

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