TTFE meal went well, I’ll be asking everyone for some feedback on the overall night at some point as I’d like to get an early start on planning for something next year. The two awards seemed to be well received (even though one of them was still slightly tacky to touch).

The food at Madeira was excellent however the service was a little lacking, it can be forgiven around Christmas I suppose especially with large parties. I’d have really liked to have stayed out a little longer and had a few more beers but to be honest I was quite grateful to get to bed for a few hours of sleep.

Queuing for a taxi home was rather amusing; some token black guy randomly appeared by the side of us, having clocked him ambling around while we where queuing I knew he was queue jumping, I pointed this out to Pete who instantly jumped in front of him and escalated the situation with the community officer who was name escaped me now (we only knew his name as there was trouble when we arrived and someone else had called it out) The black guy was every bit of 6’5” and absolutely towered over Pete, Laura though for a moment that they were going to go nose to nose, but the situation quickly defused itself when Pete’s taxi arrived.

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