Happy New Year

So I took a break from blog writing over Christmas, mainly as I’ve not gotten around to installing Office on my home system and also because I was off work. Like most things I ‘plan’ to do when I have time off work I did less than half of them. I have a big year ahead of me , with lots going on, at least I’ll have some more blog content?

I visited “Jamie’s Italian” with some friends as a sort of New Years Eve garthering (was actually a day or two before New Year’s) and I have to say that I think it is totally overrated. I’d recommend going once (at least) to make your own mind up, but for me the food we had was over priced for what it was... that’s not to say it was expensive, most of us had 3 courses and the final bill came to just over £25 a head. There’s a nice buzz about the place, but drinks are grossly overpriced. There wasn’t a huge choice to order from as a lot of items had sold out, the burgers looked really nice, probally should have gone with one of them rather than a fancy salad.

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