Ooh La La

So the New Year has very much carried on in the same way the Christmas period did (very few blogs). I am still fuming about my personal and overall team performance on Sunday (made much worse by my absence this Sunday) I am making good progress with my new “healthy” diet but my attendance at the gym has really dropped off, mainly because I’ve just been busy working around the house and walking Maddy, at the back of my mind I don’t really want to go back to the gym. I was doing really well, my progress had come along nicely, then I had several little breaks away from regularly attending the gym and this really knocked my progress. It’s really frustrating having to start over. Another thing that hasn’t helped is the weather and the new route to Fitness First. I don’t mind driving in the snow, simply leave lots of space and slow down, I’d really like to see a load more snow just to see how people cope with it. As a overall gym experience Fitness First has started to go downhill since I joined back in March, I’ve been considering joining somewhere else, but I know I will be tempted to simply cancel and not join anywhere.

I made a game casserole on Wednesday and had mixed results. The boiled potatoes came out excellent (though boiling potatoes is hardly a bench mark for culinary skill). When it comes to making the casserole again I will reduce the quantities of ingredients and increase the volume of stock (which sounds strange, however the original stock was boiling down to a nice thick sauce, when it was added to the meat for stewing, these was not enough to cover the ingredients so water was added). Another item to note is that I don’t really like Game. I love Venison but the mixed diced game I bought actually stank of ... well shit, literally shit! It had that foul bowel smell about it. So next time I think I’ll just use Venison – Ooh La La

I’m having to learn some Flash Action Script, something I decided a very long time ago I’d never need to do and never had any interest in. But I found a very good tutorial on Streaming MP3’s via Flash. So check out http://www.myaudiodirect.com (works 100% in FireFox, has some issues in Internet Explorer)

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