Part 3 - Time and Attendance

Looks like my Time and Attendance system could be getting shelved. Not through any kind of project failure but purely because the project goal posts have been moved. We are now looking at access control systems for the premises with a view of bundling employee movements in with this, we’ll also be looking for the system to deal with the laboratories projects where by the employees need to book time against certain projects (another way of doing this would be to have them simply fill out timesheets, but this can be time consuming)
The inner geek in me wants to go ahead and grab some RFID chips and readers (swipe cards or maybe even biometric readers) but I just have so many other projects on the go at the moment (UK and foreign based) and also Wedding planning I just won’t be able to spend the time needed in researching, developing and implementing the system.
My Time and Attendance system (as it stands) is still in use and I’m trying to wrap my head around a tricky problem of database table management. I have encountered a problem where by an employee’s time sheet is getting duplicated when entered, so for any given month an employee will have 2 identical sets of records. Now in theory this doesn’t really cause me a problem as the application should use the first set of records e.g. 1 to 31 rather than 32 to 62, but it is crashing when I try to load and view this employees timesheet. I have corrected the problem of record duplication so going forward it will not be a problem, but as part of the error trapping I’ve started to develop a db maintenance function that will pick up any of these duplicated records and allow the user to chose which set to keep.
Ultimately I shouldn’t spend much more time on this system, but I know work has a habit of shelving “brain waves” (or management farts – as I like to call them), these ideas I guess are usually conceived on Friday afternoon.

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