"Ravens Night II" - Cancelled, Season - Done

So Raven’s Night didn’t go ahead, I blame Pete. My interest in the NFL has now gone for another season, I have very little interest in who will now win the Super bowl, perhaps it would be nice if Favre won a super bowl ring, then he can push off and retire. My guess is the New Orleans will win it... because the cynic in me things it will be a feel good story that the US needs right now (I’m specifically think about previous US feel good stories e.g. The 2002 New England Super bowl win) Whoever wins it there will no doubt be some media spin put on.

I’d really like to cheer Rex Ryan on in his first appointment as head coach, but that guy has just run his mouth one too many times for my liking.

I’m disappointed with the loss to Indy, but I just hope it further highlights the problems facing the NFL at the moment. They need a professional referee’s, far too often this season have the officials got crucial calls wrong. Pass Interference seems like a new rule they have introduced this season, perhaps the Ravens are just a bad team right now, perhaps they are indiscipline? Some of the penalties are simply boneheaded but the pass interference calls and the “lack” of calls for the Ravens on Saturday was horrible (I have purple tinted glasses). Lets just wait and see what fine the NFL levies against Ray Lewis for his Shoulder lead “helmet to helmet” tackle... sheesh Ray! Don’t you know this is touch football we’re playing?

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