"Ravens Night II" - Upcoming

WOW! What a game, what a first quarter! As a Ravens fan it was easily one of the most exciting openings to a game I’ve ever witnessed. Chris Carr has been my least favourite Raven player all season, for starters I don’t like the way he looks; his helmet is inhumanly small. In all honesty I’ve not liked anyone returning punts since BJ Sams left. Carr just scares me, not as much as Lamont Brightful (who was originally and affectionately nicknamed Lamont Frightful) but he just does, something looks odd about Carr when he’s back there. I know Carr is hardly to blame for the KO recovery but I somewhat like Landry so Carr gets the blame (yes he even gets the blame for the coaching staff not challenging the play) apart from that mistake both Carr and Walker brought their A Games (in the playoffs Frank Walker [P.I] looks like a totally different player)

That was the first home playoff loss the Patriots have suffered since 31st December 1978 I saw a statistic which was something like 11,000 hours!

Depending on how you look at it we have a rather favourable Sunday 1.30AM KO next week, which I think lends itself very nicely to a hastily arranged “Ravens Night II” however I’ve not had a great response. Excuses such as “I’m working that Morning” Who the hell works on a Sunday Morning? Get a real job Peter, you dosser! “I’m away in Scunthorpe” What a shit hole, Dale... you tosser!

We’ll I’ll see what Mitchell is up to. I’ll be toasting the game with a few beers and breaking from my diet and having a bag of authentic “branded” Kettle chips, flavour is to be decided, but at the moment it is a close race between “Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar” and “Sweet Chilli”

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