TTFE-L Review

I don’t know where to start, I don’t know if I want to start, I don’t think I should? Yesterday’s game was horrific, for me personally I feel it was the poorest performance I’ve put out since I started playing for TTFE, to say we “Weren’t at the races” while cliché (surely the saying “while cliché” is in fact itself cliché?) is an overstatement if anything. Where was everyone mentally yesterday? It all seemed a little headless, even Joe! Who has been pretty steady in his duties all season was MIA.

It’s really tough to criticise people when my own performance was well below par, I left that game asking myself “What did I contribute?” It may as well be rhetorical because I don’t think there is an answer. We lacked imagination and to an extend team work. I know Joe complained about the lack of passing upfront, which ok I can see where he is coming from, but for me my Job seems done when the ball arrives at either Mitchell’s or Huckle’s feet... perhaps an overlapping run could help but when I am unsure of who and what my defensive partner is doing I daren’t dash forward.

I am looking forward to having Weller back in goal to provide constant commentary on what is happening, we could do with having our enforcer back as well. Staying in Division 3 is not an impossible scenario, but we certainly have a fight on our hands.

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