TTFE-L Review

I managed to get a game on Sunday and I was personally quite pleased with my performance. I tried to provide an outlet getting forward (not to much success) but one or two of my runs did draw a defender away from centre field perhaps opening space for our forwards. It’s a game where it doesn’t feel like I did a lot, the opposition marked each of us closely and closed down open space very quickly; however I made some telling blocks and formed a good defensive partnership with Pete who helped cover a tricky forward.

The 3-1 Win against Real Buffalo guarantees our safety in Division 3 with 1 game to spare. It is a little early (and gives me an excuse for another blog at a later date) to start reflecting and setting goals for next season, but my dedication this season has been rewarded by becoming first reserve, which pleases me.

For some reason I woke this morning to find that my knee is hurting, hopefully it will settle down by Thursday.

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