Addressing the lack of updates

Distinct lack of updates on all fronts at Drop50.com at the moment. For some reason my work load has just exploded. Our shipping department is operated by two girls who operate the dispatching software. One of the girls is off with a long term illness (unknown as I don’t care and am not ‘Pete Enough’ [Nosey] to find out what’s wrong with her) so anyway they’ve been using a series of temp’s for the last few weeks, the latest temp actually got offered a permanent job elsewhere so she left last week so we had a brand new temp on Monday; now the other girl who works in the department has taken some leave as her daughter has just given birth. So Monday morning the only people who can actually dispatch orders from the warehouse are my college and myself, that very nicely wrote off the whole of Monday for both of us, we trained up another member of staff also so we now have a tiny bit of cover should anything go wrong in future.

I’ve got a list of jobs (mainly basic tasks) that I need to get done. I mainly made the list so I could just show it to people who are pestering “have you done xyz yet?” O2 are pissing me off at the moment, I made a big case about how much better the customer service will be than BT, yet I’ve spoken to their sales department 7 times in total, each time to be told that the woman who is dealing with my account / order will phone me back in 2 minutes as of this moment ... she hasn’t called back since Monday last week

I started writing this Blog on Monday, it’s now Thursday and I’ve managed to cross a few items off my list. Batteries from the US have arrived although that was a palaver, the website I use to order them is based in the US, I’ve used the site twice before and had no problems, this time for some unknown reason it rejected the company credit card. To get around the problem I had Doug order them for me and then ship them across (would have worked out cheaper on postage) they arrived today and we had to pay £15 duty which was a really big ‘deal’ as reception hadn’t be informed of this very very important delivery... like I knew before hand the package would get stopped by customs.

It’s now actually Tuesday (the following week) and I’m adding to this same Blog post, I mean it seems only right to have one big badass blog post? I had a pleasant evening on Friday at Joe and Jenny’s engagement party, I’d been looking forward to it all day, I don’t often get partake in TTFE related events but sometimes it just feels right to make the effort, I also just don’t like the events that people organise and that’s not a criticism on them or their organisation skills it’s just that I’d rather just ‘go to a pub’ than commit to something like ‘pub golf’ what also puts me off is the number of ‘randoms’ that get invited to these events, I know that it’s done due to the lack of interest from TTFE members but it puts me off.

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