BlackBerry OS 5.0 Update – Solution

Rogers have officially released version which is great news. You can download it from the BlackBerry Website

I’ve installed it on my BlackBerry and can confirm that the playlist issue I have been experiencing has been resolved, and at this present moment in time I have found no other bugs. I have also noted that a new theme has been added (Not sure if this is a specific Rogers theme or if it came with OS 5.0 and I never noticed)

If you nagivate to Options and then Theme you will be able to change the Layout from ‘Zen’ (The default) to ‘Today’ This will give you an overview of latest events on your device (much like the default view on Windows Mobile)

If you cannot get the Rogers update to install you’ll need to delete Vendor.xml and run the BlackBerry desktop updater again. You can find Vendor.xml in ‘C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\’

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