PHP is_dir/opendir on UNC under IIS

Been really banging my head against a wall on this problem and last night I finally solved it. I have been trying to open a Windows network share by providing is_dir with a UNC. I got this working under Apache but I couldn’t get it up and running under IIS6.

The solution is really simple;

1. Right click the virtual directory that houses the script running is_dir
Select ‘Properties’
Click the ‘Directory Security’ tab
Under ‘Authentication and access control’ click ‘Edit’
Make sure ‘Enable anonymous access’ is selected
6. Change the user name and password to a user that has access to the network share

For step 6 above I created a dedicated ‘web user’ that I have given only access to the share I wanted, in theory I think you should be able to use the IUSR_machinename user, but I couldn’t get it to work and as part of my process of elimination creating a ‘web user’ resolved the problem.

As the share I was testing the above setup with resided on a system running F-Secure I had to disable F-Secure so that the web server could access the share, I was quite surprised by this.

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