TTFE-L Review (Season and Match)

This blog is probably the most anticipated blog I’ve written so far, I know for a fact two different people are waiting to read my thoughts, ideally this would have been 3 separate blogs but I’ve already fallen behind so I’ll combine my thoughts and rants into one.
I’d been looking forward to this game with high hopes of some retribution. The squad had looked promising but both David Huckle and James Carling withdrew and left us with only 6 players. We held our own for most of the first half and from recollection had only conceded 1 goal. Sadly we paid a heavy price by losing Pete who took a mighty tumble into the side boards. Pete valiantly tried to make a come back in the second half but was unable to run or fully commit to the tackle and we conceded a further 2 goals during this period. With time slowly ebbing away F.C.F.C where able to easily hold onto the ball and demonstrated some good movement and passing ability. I think in an effort to save some face and at least take something away from the game we committed more to getting forward to try and grab at least a single goal. We were punished by a further 2 goals which where very nicely taken. Ultimately a disappointing game a fact further compounded by the lost of another key player.
Season Review
It was a season which saw us looking and feeling like real relegation candidates to the highs of two very good back to back wins and talk of promotion. Talk of promotion was held mostly as jests but when I think back on the season I think we are a game or two off pace. Getting Carling back will take pressure off David Huckle which will hopefully open up his game. I do have to wonder though if we cannot regularly get a full squad of 7 (including both David and James) how we will fair? The division this season should be more open than it was last season with the inclusion of two more teams.
TTFE v Grange Punishers
This team is quickly becoming TTFE’s nemesis. I toughly enjoyed the game and was really in the thick of the action. Again TTFE could only muster 6 players with David Huckle, James Carling and Peter Jenkins all being out. We kept the game very close in the first half and repeated the theme of last weeks game by going 1 nil down. Grange Punishers goal was peppered with shots and their keeper pulled off some good saves to deny all of TTFE anything. Dale’s shooting first half was very woeful but Dale must have changed his boots for the second half and was unleashing some ferocious long range shots. In usual style Grange Punishers looked to be losing their heads with mini arguments breaking out all over the pitch and a TTFE equalizer looked imminent and would have probably signalled the beginning of a come back. With most of the team pushing for that equalizing goal I found I was often left alone and isolated and ultimately Grange scored a second, heads dropped and hearts sank, this was not to be TTFE’s day.  I personally can take some responsibility by squandering a glorious opportunity to score, having read the situation and intercepted their goal keepers roll out I had only him to beat, yet I managed to hit the ball straight at him for most of the match I had failed to connect sweetly with the ball and scuffed the majority of my shots.
I am grateful for Joe bring along a ringer by the name of Dean, I think the score line would have been worse without him, but his ill discipline (most likely through the lack of game time with TTFE) cost us. We lost 5 nil, but I left the game thinking we should have could have and would have won. The sooner we get Pete, David and James back the better, I fear we will struggle to score goals without them, that’s two 5 nil defeats on the bounce, I know I’m personally all out of ideas.
On a lighter note I now have a pair of moulded football boots and am looking forward to giving as good as I get.

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