TTFE-L Review

It’s one of those days were I don’t really feel like doing anything. I’ve had a 5 day cold that seems to hopefully be coming to an end. Thankfully I haven’t had it as badly as Laura has.
I had been hoping that I could escape a punishing run around on Sunday and I’d be turning up simply as relief and rest bite for the other guys sadly with only the minimum 5 being available I had to play. Turns out I wasn’t too shabby. Being serious a good shift was put in by everyone and I’m quite gutted that Billy didn’t get to keep a clean sheet, it leaves me wondering what would happen if I had run into the box and cleared the shot off the line, penalty of course however would it have also been a blue/red card? Perhaps I shall find out one day. Big shout out to Big Nose who turned up fresh off his death bed with a case of nothing less than flu (Swine or Man variety yet to be determined). Instant impact with 2 goals to his name, Pete also turned the game physical and dirty... don’t know how he does it, but he did.
Last week saw us play PLS Wales. Yet again we had the minimum 5 and yet again we turned in workman like performance with all of us chipping in to share the goals (all bar Joe ‘Fatman Scoop’). Joe did however make up for last week’s no goal by smashing in the first goal of this week’s game. The next 2 or 3 games could really shape our season; maximum points will surely see us in the nose bleeds of the league table.


BT Voicemail while roaming / abroad

One of the sales guys is travelling and he has to check his voicemail regularly, this is something that has always caused us a problem as there seems to be 5 or 6 different numbers that all lead to voicemail. It would seem BT have started to unify these numbers (or have simply disconnected them) but should you find yourself needing to access voicemail on the BT network while abroad simply dial *#104# on your handset and it will provide you with further details.
Luckily we are migrating away from BT mobile in November!


Complaints department "Now Open!"

Since we’ve had our new servers I’ve had a lot of complaints, maybe 10% of the complaints are legitimate problems however I think the other 90% are simply people winging for the sake of it. After about 3 weeks of this constant winging I’ve had enough and snapped.... so I bought a plaque for our office door...


TTFE-L Review

I feel rather forced into blogging today, I don’t really have anything inventive to say. I’ve had a very tiring weekend and I’m feeling rather defeated after such a heavy league loss. I received mixed news last night; one of our top 7 players has decided to give up his position with the team to an extend this weakens the team however it does mean that I have solidified myself as a regular player, it also now means that we have 7 committed players and we can now start to assess what division we feel with can compete in.
Last night’s game was disappointed; we were out classed, out fought and truly outplayed. What disappoints me more than anything thing else was the lack of effort and energy from TTFE, almost as if we’d decided we were going to lose from the start. I think Cardiff Superstars will walk Division 3 not only on the evidence of last night’s performance but they’ve already beaten two teams 23-1 and 19-3.
Next week we face bottom of the league (who lost the opening game of the season 23-1 to Cardiff Superstars)  At this point in time I feel it is going to be far from a walk in the park.


Firefox bookmarks recovery

I don’t tend to mess around with my own personal systems too much (as a kid I used to format almost monthly) now days I simply can’t be bothered. Recently my trial version of Windows 7 expired and I was forced to perform a clean install. Before I format any system I always like to try and take a Norton Ghost backup, this relevantly cheap piece of software (version 12 costs around £50) has quickly earned my appreciation and in terms of man hours I think it’s paid for itself already.
Looks like Norton Ghost is up to version 15 now but you can read a review of version 12 over at PCPro.co.uk
Anyway I just wanted to post myself a reminder (and others in case they’ve forgotten or don’t know) that it’s now pretty easy to restore bookmarks in Firefox (and this has been the case since version 1.5)
If you know beforehand that you’re going to reinstalling your OS then I’d recommend you start Firefox and go to Bookmarks -> Organise Bookmarks  -> Import and Backup -> Backup, this will then prompt you for the location to save the backup file (which will have the extension of .json)
If however you are like me and you forget to backup your bookmarks then provided you have a system backup then you can recover (I didn’t wipe my disk during the reinstall so Windows 7 [as I believe Vista also does] kindly created a Windows.old folder on my C drive so I didn’t actually need to use my Ghost backup)
Step 1: Locate your .json backup file, if you didn’t make one then you’ll need to locate the backups that Firefox makes itself, on Windows XP these will be located ‘C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\*.default\bookmarkbackups\’ on Vista/W7 these will be located at ‘C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\*.default\bookmarkbackups\’
Step2: Open Firefox and navigate to Bookmarks -> Organise Bookmarks  -> Import and Backup -> Restore -> Choose File
If you cannot see the Application Data or AppData file then you’ll need to edit your folder options via Control panel, under the view tab select ‘Show hidden files, folders and drives’


TTFE-L Review

So I don’t really know where I am in terms of TTFE match reviews, I guess the last match I commented on was versus Grange Punishers so that leaves three matches that I’ve yet to comment on.
TTFE v Roma Boat 
Despite going 1-0 down early on this was a game where I felt we totally dominated from start to finish. Given time and space on the ball TTFE can and will play some nice football. Roma Boat look like they have one or two decent footballers among them and the next time we play it could be a much closer game. Roma Boat simply got their tactics completely wrong (something that is reflected by their recent results versus Grange Punishers) that said I don’t want to take anything away from TTFE as our performance was top notch.
TTFE v Nomads 
A disappointing result but one I cannot pass comment on as I was busy and could not attend the game (see previous blog)
TTFE v Athletic Dildao
Had we lost this game I would have personally been very disappointed with my performance, as it is I am not very happy but, I am addressing some of the issues. Through the game I was struggling with my fitness, having not played competitive five a side for 13 or so, having limited exercise and a diet that consisted of beer and eating out, weighed very heavy on me. 3 of Athletic Dildao goals could be pinned on me, their first goal I dropped off mentally and allowed my man to run across me on the edge of the box to receive a pass and neatly put it past Weller, the second I failed to control a line pass from Dale who smashed the ball off the boards, had I corralled the ball I would have been on the edge of the box and had an angled shot at goal. The third goal was not so much my fault but I feel I could have gotten closer and harassed the player more, their player turned and smashed the ball into the far corner, the shot was inch perfect, goals like that I’m happy to chalk off and applaud the opposition (while I quietly berate myself)
Dave Huckle had a busy game and looked very worn towards the end, with the game so close I found myself having to battle to get him to track back and help defend. His first goal was a real gem, the ball found the roof of the net from a nearly impossible angle.
I’d be happy to play Athletic Dildao and Roma Boat every week (not because won) but because both teams looked to play good clean football and both games were thoroughly enjoyable. This week sees us play Cardiff Superstars who I am lead to believe have some bad blood with TTFE, having seen the players who play for them I am rather puzzled by the trouble I’ve heard we had... quite simply they look like kids? I will ensure to give them the upmost respect should I play, given that they are top of the league and have really romped some teams.


Ok so yet again I’ve fallen a little behind with my blogging. In my defence I’ve done very little in the past 14 days other than work. Some days I started at 9AM and didn’t finish until 10PM (not including the hour drive to and from work). It was great fun having Doug come over from the US the guy is a barrel of fun and I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a long time he’ll certainly provide some entertainment on my stag do.
If you’re wondering why I’ve had to work so late then wonder no more. As part of a global project we are upgrading and securing both our network and server infrastructure. The US was the first site to get the new servers (they were desperately running out of disk space) their migration was more straight forward than the UK’s as Doug had a hold of their network a long time before I joined the company so things had gotten setup right, they also don’t have the overhead of running Exchange in-house.

"I'll admit it, the picture of the blades is far less impressive that the actual beast itself"

The migration to blade servers has gone well (touch wood) I had some minor complaints and qwerks first thing Monday but once things were explained and users got use to the changes things settled down quickly.
I have been really pissed off with the work situation for good week now. A lot of my remote users are complaining about the downtime they experienced over the weekend (mainly Sunday), now I can fully appreciate that they should have been emailed prior to the migration to inform them of the possibility of downtime, however I got so heavily side tracked with other things (generally more important issues like setting up Bluetooth pairing between an iPhone and a Jaguar XF...) that I simply forgot to send out the email. Now had this happened to me I would rightly be a little miffed, however people are going on like its major catastrophe, yet when I point out the fact that no one actually rang me to help troubleshoot this major problem they quickly back down and push off.
Another ‘major’ issue that I get asked about by one user several times a day “my blackberry isn’t showing email as read” now sometimes this happens to me, I read an email in Outlook only to find I get home and it’s still shown as unread, within 3 roller ball clicks the email is marked as read, not a big deal really? You know... it’s slightly annoying at best, it’s not something I’d follow up more than once a day at best especially when I know the whole site is having or had ‘issues’ The user is also chewing my ear off as they can’t set an image as a wall paper and set it to full screen (something they could do before). I’m sure this feature is still there but at first glance I cannot find it and I’m honestly far too busy (blogging as it would seem) to actually go spend time looking at it.