Ok so yet again I’ve fallen a little behind with my blogging. In my defence I’ve done very little in the past 14 days other than work. Some days I started at 9AM and didn’t finish until 10PM (not including the hour drive to and from work). It was great fun having Doug come over from the US the guy is a barrel of fun and I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a long time he’ll certainly provide some entertainment on my stag do.
If you’re wondering why I’ve had to work so late then wonder no more. As part of a global project we are upgrading and securing both our network and server infrastructure. The US was the first site to get the new servers (they were desperately running out of disk space) their migration was more straight forward than the UK’s as Doug had a hold of their network a long time before I joined the company so things had gotten setup right, they also don’t have the overhead of running Exchange in-house.

"I'll admit it, the picture of the blades is far less impressive that the actual beast itself"

The migration to blade servers has gone well (touch wood) I had some minor complaints and qwerks first thing Monday but once things were explained and users got use to the changes things settled down quickly.
I have been really pissed off with the work situation for good week now. A lot of my remote users are complaining about the downtime they experienced over the weekend (mainly Sunday), now I can fully appreciate that they should have been emailed prior to the migration to inform them of the possibility of downtime, however I got so heavily side tracked with other things (generally more important issues like setting up Bluetooth pairing between an iPhone and a Jaguar XF...) that I simply forgot to send out the email. Now had this happened to me I would rightly be a little miffed, however people are going on like its major catastrophe, yet when I point out the fact that no one actually rang me to help troubleshoot this major problem they quickly back down and push off.
Another ‘major’ issue that I get asked about by one user several times a day “my blackberry isn’t showing email as read” now sometimes this happens to me, I read an email in Outlook only to find I get home and it’s still shown as unread, within 3 roller ball clicks the email is marked as read, not a big deal really? You know... it’s slightly annoying at best, it’s not something I’d follow up more than once a day at best especially when I know the whole site is having or had ‘issues’ The user is also chewing my ear off as they can’t set an image as a wall paper and set it to full screen (something they could do before). I’m sure this feature is still there but at first glance I cannot find it and I’m honestly far too busy (blogging as it would seem) to actually go spend time looking at it.

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