TTFE-L Review

So I don’t really know where I am in terms of TTFE match reviews, I guess the last match I commented on was versus Grange Punishers so that leaves three matches that I’ve yet to comment on.
TTFE v Roma Boat 
Despite going 1-0 down early on this was a game where I felt we totally dominated from start to finish. Given time and space on the ball TTFE can and will play some nice football. Roma Boat look like they have one or two decent footballers among them and the next time we play it could be a much closer game. Roma Boat simply got their tactics completely wrong (something that is reflected by their recent results versus Grange Punishers) that said I don’t want to take anything away from TTFE as our performance was top notch.
TTFE v Nomads 
A disappointing result but one I cannot pass comment on as I was busy and could not attend the game (see previous blog)
TTFE v Athletic Dildao
Had we lost this game I would have personally been very disappointed with my performance, as it is I am not very happy but, I am addressing some of the issues. Through the game I was struggling with my fitness, having not played competitive five a side for 13 or so, having limited exercise and a diet that consisted of beer and eating out, weighed very heavy on me. 3 of Athletic Dildao goals could be pinned on me, their first goal I dropped off mentally and allowed my man to run across me on the edge of the box to receive a pass and neatly put it past Weller, the second I failed to control a line pass from Dale who smashed the ball off the boards, had I corralled the ball I would have been on the edge of the box and had an angled shot at goal. The third goal was not so much my fault but I feel I could have gotten closer and harassed the player more, their player turned and smashed the ball into the far corner, the shot was inch perfect, goals like that I’m happy to chalk off and applaud the opposition (while I quietly berate myself)
Dave Huckle had a busy game and looked very worn towards the end, with the game so close I found myself having to battle to get him to track back and help defend. His first goal was a real gem, the ball found the roof of the net from a nearly impossible angle.
I’d be happy to play Athletic Dildao and Roma Boat every week (not because won) but because both teams looked to play good clean football and both games were thoroughly enjoyable. This week sees us play Cardiff Superstars who I am lead to believe have some bad blood with TTFE, having seen the players who play for them I am rather puzzled by the trouble I’ve heard we had... quite simply they look like kids? I will ensure to give them the upmost respect should I play, given that they are top of the league and have really romped some teams.

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