TTFE-L Review

I feel rather forced into blogging today, I don’t really have anything inventive to say. I’ve had a very tiring weekend and I’m feeling rather defeated after such a heavy league loss. I received mixed news last night; one of our top 7 players has decided to give up his position with the team to an extend this weakens the team however it does mean that I have solidified myself as a regular player, it also now means that we have 7 committed players and we can now start to assess what division we feel with can compete in.
Last night’s game was disappointed; we were out classed, out fought and truly outplayed. What disappoints me more than anything thing else was the lack of effort and energy from TTFE, almost as if we’d decided we were going to lose from the start. I think Cardiff Superstars will walk Division 3 not only on the evidence of last night’s performance but they’ve already beaten two teams 23-1 and 19-3.
Next week we face bottom of the league (who lost the opening game of the season 23-1 to Cardiff Superstars)  At this point in time I feel it is going to be far from a walk in the park.

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