TTFE-L Review

It’s one of those days were I don’t really feel like doing anything. I’ve had a 5 day cold that seems to hopefully be coming to an end. Thankfully I haven’t had it as badly as Laura has.
I had been hoping that I could escape a punishing run around on Sunday and I’d be turning up simply as relief and rest bite for the other guys sadly with only the minimum 5 being available I had to play. Turns out I wasn’t too shabby. Being serious a good shift was put in by everyone and I’m quite gutted that Billy didn’t get to keep a clean sheet, it leaves me wondering what would happen if I had run into the box and cleared the shot off the line, penalty of course however would it have also been a blue/red card? Perhaps I shall find out one day. Big shout out to Big Nose who turned up fresh off his death bed with a case of nothing less than flu (Swine or Man variety yet to be determined). Instant impact with 2 goals to his name, Pete also turned the game physical and dirty... don’t know how he does it, but he did.
Last week saw us play PLS Wales. Yet again we had the minimum 5 and yet again we turned in workman like performance with all of us chipping in to share the goals (all bar Joe ‘Fatman Scoop’). Joe did however make up for last week’s no goal by smashing in the first goal of this week’s game. The next 2 or 3 games could really shape our season; maximum points will surely see us in the nose bleeds of the league table.

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