"Ravens Night II" - Planning - Part 1

I am feeling slightly guilty while I write this blog, I figure I should really spend some of my spare time planning and sorting things out for my Wedding, however I decided I’m not going to feel guilty. Laura has her wedding to plan... I have my Ravens Night!
The schedule got released yesterday and I was initially worried by reports I’d heard that we would only be getting a solitary prime time game, I am however very pleased and massively excited about the season starting.
Ravens @ Jets
Monday 13th September 7.00PM

Ravens @ Falcons
Thursday 11th November 8.20PM

Steelers @ Ravens
Sunday 5th December 8.20PM

Ravens @ Texans
Monday 13th December 8.30PM

That’s right, the Ravens opening game against the jets is going to be show live. Fantastic news, I’d recommend to my fellow NFL fans (and previous “Ravens Night” participants) to select this game as their preference for the next “Ravens Night”

This weekend is the NFL draft, which will no doubt see me constantly refreshing the draft page on BlackBerry

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