Data Recovery

I recently backed up my PC (A job that was long overdue)  it’s at least 4 years old now and is starting to show its age and I’m loathe to replace it for a number of reasons.
I constantly question myself over my PC usage, on the one had I don’t really do a lot of intense gaming, but then again there are games like Fallout 3 that I must simply play, and who can predict what games will come along in the next few months? I seem to have a pattern of PC buying over the last 15 years, manufactured, self built, manufactured, self built so in theory I’m due to treat myself to a manufactured system. However these types of systems do not come cheap, especially if you opt for a 3 year warranty, I guess I’m somewhat resided to the fact that a decent PC will set me back around £1000 and I’ll have to budget for it at some point in the future.
Back to the blog topic, after backing up my PC I proceeded to format and reinstalled Windows (Vista Ultimate x64) I plugged in my external hard drive and was shocked to see that somehow the drive had become corrupted. Luckily (for me) I had a similar episode 7 or 8 years ago and I was forced to purchase some commercial data recovery software. R-Studio by R-Tools Technology has now saved me on 2 occasions, and it costs only $79.99 which is very cheap when it comes to data recovery (you can look at anything from $100 per GB if you send your drive off to some companies)
They even offer a free trial so you can try the recovery to see if it would work.

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