At work we have a lot of projects on the go at the moment, worldwide we have undertaken a massive server and network upgrade to our major sites, as you’ll have seen we have completed Romania and are now moving on to China (which will be very interesting) We are also looking to bring all our European sales offices online with our new SOP system, this will require them connecting into our site and managing their data (could involve some travel if remote training is not successful)
The last few months of the year also puts heavy demand on IT staff to crunch numbers and produce reports for the budgets (We still have the problem of having to format and upload sale office budgets, but this will be resolved once they come online [a goal for next year])
Throw in my stag do, wedding and also honeymoon and you have a very busy close to the year.
So I decided I really need a better system of keeping track of issues and thing than my current one (which is a pad of yellow post it notes) Helpdesk systems come in all shapes and sizes, I wanted something simple that wouldn’t require much time or effort, I also didn’t want to pay for anything. There seem to be a lot of PHP based helpdesks around but ideally I wanted something that wouldn’t involve me messing around with IIS, I also wanted something that utilized an Access database (for simplicity)
I ended up using Liberum, which is free and runs against a variety of databases (I ended up pointing it against our Microsoft SQL Server.
It is very basic, but it does the job and because it’s written in ASP I can do some mods as and when I see fit.
At the moment I am recycling some code I wrote for my CRM application. I want to be able to convert emails to helpdesk tickets (rather than having to login and create them myself) I also want to be able to add email history to open tickets.
Once I have my small Outlook plugin working I think it will be a great benefit to the company.

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