TTFE-L Review

Things are really heating up for TTFE-L as we push for promotion. At the end of last season there was a lot of disappointment around the camp and mixed feelings about the direction of the team. A change of formation for the last few games did bring a lot of positivity to the style we play and also to team moral. The team is still struggling to get 7 players on Sunday but we have made use of some good backups when we’ve been in a tight spot. Rumours had been bubbling around the squad of certain people quitting the team or at least taking a much less than disciplined approach to attendance, this combined with the other issues outlined forced us to consider dropping down a league or two.
We start our new season in Division 5... the lowest of the low, the teams we play really are a car crash of players, for me it’s really interesting and fun and division 5 is probably about the right standard for me, there’s a number of slow fatties who can’t control the ball nor shoot and I’d fit right into any of the teams in our division and not look out of place.
Having said that, I am frustrated with having lost two games out of 7, the first lost came to top of the league (and currently undefeated Iranian Allstars) It’s a game we should have won, or at last drawn, but that’s football, if you don’t take your opportunities then some teams will punish you (We lost 2-1) Our second loss came again Large Belts, a team that on paper (ability wise) we are probably better than, however fitness and determination saw Large Belts take a 3-0 win.
A huge whole that is currently glaring in the TTFE-L armour is the lack of substitutes we seem to have on a Sunday, if memory serves me correctly we played with the bare 5 in both those games.
I really want to win-out the rest of the season, but it will be tough given the lack of depth we apparently have, coming top will be a personal achievement for me, however sometimes I feel like we’ve cheated a little when we field Jon Pride (one man football machine) that guy single handily destroys teams

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