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A few months ago, while signed into Blogger I was viewing my blog, I don’t remember the specific reason, perhaps I remembered I’d blogged about something “coding” related anyway at the top of the page you get some sort of settings panel that lets you know who you’ve signed in as and provides you with various links to edit settings and search your blog e.t.c it also provides you with a link entitled “Next Blog>>”

Clicking things link takes you to another random (I think) blog (every time I’ve clicked on it I get a different blog) Personally I’ve found this fascinating and I’ve spent a lot of time skipping through these blogs looking at what people are actually blogging about, the wealth of authors out there is amazing. I’ve recently read the thoughts of a communist, Interesting to know what’s going on in the communist party, I saw some very interesting art work, by an amateur painter but the thing that struck me MOST was the number of blogs about Cricket and about peoples bloody kids.

I don’t claim to be an author of any sort; I don’t even claim to have a good grasp of the English language (despite being my primary language) I have a clear objective with my blog, which primary focus is to provide me with a sort of “scrap book” of code, solutions, articles and links that I come across online, recently I’ve expanded a little to product reviews and I do have my random mumblings about American Football and amateur five-a-side (Provided for the benefit of my close friends)

What I fail to understand (or appreciate) is why the fuck anyone would want to know what Connor, Brady or even Martin did today. Oh no Connor fell over and hurt his knee today, Brady helped bake some cookies... seriously? Apart from your parents (who if they are anything like mine, mash the keyboard when sending an email and don’t know what a blog is) would read or what to read what a young child has done today. Is this what paedophilia has boiled down to?  I reckon of a sample 10 random blogs that 3 would be about someone’s kids or family, 3 would be about Cricket, 2 would be about religion and maybe 2 might be of some interest. Seriously annoying when you’re looking to waste some quality time!

So Fuck you, Connor, fuck you Brady, fuck you Martin and just because I dislike the name... fuck you TOD!

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