"Ravens Night II" - Planning - Part 3

With the season kicking off this weekend and the Ravens featuring in the first ‘Monday Night Football’ match it seems only fitting that we host a ‘Ravens Night’. Peter has decided to take up the reins on this Ravens Night.
I’ve only booked the morning off on Tuesday so I’m undecided on going ‘gung-ho’ regards to drinking, but I’ve definitely decided to get some foot long (or as close as can be) hotdogs (something Dave Watt started at the Super bowl night) ketchup PLUS mustard on mine please sir.
I believe Dale is planning to make an appearance, but I personally have him as an outside bet, he can come, so long as he doesn’t bring shitty spar brand kettle chips.
If Pete’s cats come even remotely close to snagging my Ravens shirt then they better learn to fly... and quickly, because they’ll lose most of their nine lives when I deliver a Riv special (toe punt) to them!
I’ve already been told Maddy isn’t invited, this hasn’t sat very well with her so far and she is currently suffering from bouts of depression. I’m sure Maddy would have helped with ‘pest’ control on Monday night.
The game (and the Ravens) for that matter is shaping up to be a real belter, with two solid defences colliding and the Ravens new and improved offense it could really set the tone for our season.

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